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Handling gas lines requires a professional’s touch, and Dyer’s Plumbing is equipped to safely manage all your needs, whether you’re installing new lines, dealing with damages, or updating your home. Our experts are skilled in installation, replacement, and repair, ensuring your system is safe and efficient. Trust us for thorough and reliable gas line services, tailored to your home’s specific requirements.

For gas line issues, prioritize safety and immediately seek professional help if you suspect a leak or damage. Dyer’s Plumbing specialists are equipped to handle repairs, ensuring your gas lines are safely installed and maintained. In case of a suspected leak, characterized by a “rotten egg” smell, take immediate safety measures: call your gas company, shut off the gas if possible, ventilate your home, and avoid using anything that could create a spark. Once safe, contact us for expert repair and emergency services.

Tips From Chucky!

What To Do If You Think You Have A Gas Leak:

  • If Possible, Shut Off Your Gas Line
  • Contact Your Gas Company
  • Open Windows To Ventilate Your Home
  • Once Safe, Contact Your Plumbing Professionals
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