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Drain Cleaning Services

  • Repair Slow Draining
  • Prevent Frequent Clogging
  • Fix Water Backup
  • Eliminate Unpleasant Odors
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Dyer's Comprehensive Drain Cleaning & Drain Clearing Service

Drain cleaning is a smart thing to do frequently, as it can help avoid any buildup in your drain system that might compromise your system later on. Some material can build up on the pipelines and cause damage to them, so keeping them cleared can ensure you won’t have to replace them later on.

It’s crucial to contact an expert plumber as soon as you notice signs of problems in your plumbing pipes and drains. This will prevent much more expensive repairs later on.

You can rest assured knowing that our drain cleaning service employs the most cutting-edge drain cleaning tools and technology, and our cutting-edge methods will eliminate the build-up in your drains and pipes quickly and thoroughly. We have the knowledge and experience not only to help identify and locate the cause of your clogs but also to prevent further issues. When you notice that your drains and pipes are slow or clogged up, feel free to contact us to have your pipes cleaned.

When Do I Need a Drain Cleaning Expert in Eden and Winston Salem, NC?

  • Backflow
    When a drain has a blockage or possibly disconnected, the water may begin to bubble back into the sink or shower.
  • Drain odor
    Organic waste, built-up food, or other matter inside of your drain can have a strong odor even if it is not clearly visible.
  • Low Water Pressure
    Mineral deposits can build up throughout your piping and other areas, such as your shower head or faucet.
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