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Emergency Plumbing Service in Eden, NC

Dyer's has been in operation since 1927 and we've pretty much seen it all. That's why you can count on us to be able to identify the source of your plumbing issue and know exactly what steps to take to get it fixed quickly and efficiently.

Why Dyer's?

When your toilet is backed up or your pipes burst and water is falling from your ceiling, Dyer's is the first call you should make. Our plumbers are set up for fast response from fully stocked vans and warehouses to the equipment they need to identify the source of your issue quickly and accurately the first time.

When you're looking for a plumber in an emergency situation you don't want to wonder if you made the right call. We've been in business since Calvin Coolidge was president and work began on Mount Rushmore. We've stayed on top of the new technologies in plumbing all the way. In 92 years, one thing remains true: Service is What Counts.
Over 90 Years of Experience!
Fully stocked trucks for quicker response
Fully stocked warehouses so you won't have to wait for us to order what you need
Equipment for commercial-sized projects means we're prepared for even the worst residential plumbing emergency
Our motto: "Service is What Counts"

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Open 'Til Midnight, 7 Days a Week

Preventable Plumbing Emergencies in Eden and Greensboro

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Some Plumbing Emergencies:

Our experienced plumbers have put together a shortlist of steps you can take to prevent some plumbing emergencies. While there are some issues that are just unavoidable, Dyer's knows what it takes to get ahead of some of the headaches that come with homeownership.
Know where your shutoff valve is!
It may be too late to completely prevent the plumbing emergency you're experiencing, but knowing where your shutoff valve is located can prevent a lot of costly water damage!
Avoid harsh chemicals
Chemical drain cleaners can be REALLY effective at clearing out clogs. So effective that they can eat through your pipes given time.
Be careful what you put in your sink
Fats, grease, oils. Things that don't belong in your sink. All of these items thicken and attract other debris in your pipes and can create some pretty nasty clogs
Maintain your water heater
Draining your water heater tank every year can prevent a buildup of sediment. As the sediment builds up it can put extra strain on your tank and cause it to eventually crack

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Dyer's Plumbing Services

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