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January 16, 2023by Dev

If you find yourself dealing with a clogged pipe, a dripping faucet, or inadequate amounts of water pressure, then you might want to contact your local professional plumbers at Dyer’s Plumbing to help fix the problem. Many times there are ways to actually avoid these plumbing issues. Here are some tips that you may want to keep in mind to help keep from having a plumbing emergency.

Flushable doesn’t always mean flushable

Despite the labels on the popular flushable wipes, they actually can cause some plumbing issues. Often times they do not breakdown like they would suggest and can build up an extremely difficult clog. This can be even worse for those whose homes are on a septic system. It is generally best practice to avoid these products and stick with regular toilet paper.

Be careful when hanging things on your walls

Before hammering or drilling nails in a certain area, first evaluate if there’s a drain pipe or a power line behind that spot. Even if you think you are being careful by using a stud finder on the wall you may actually hit a pipe or line. Some stud finders are not actually capable of finding the difference between a wall studs and plumbing lines. This kind of accident can lead to a serious water or sewage leak, or worse if there are power cables behind the drywall.

Tips for DIYers

There are many people who want to do installations and repairs themselves but find that water is still leaking from a faucet or pipe. To avoid damage due to water leak, it’s important to have fittings and joints completely sealed with high-quality plumber’s tape. Plumber’s tape is also known as Teflon tape. You may be able to avoid a plumbing service call by first checking that if a leak does develop its not because of old and worn out plumber’s tape.

Homeowners tend to put their plumbing connections and fittings in too-tight when performing home improvement projects. When this happens, the fittings may be stripped and not hold a proper seal. If you are working on a do it yourself project, make sure the fittings are together firmly and securely but not overly tightened.

If all else fails

If you do find that you have a leak or drip from a water line or faucet do not ignore it. It is best to have this addressed sooner than later as it could lead to bigger problems or damage. Also your water bill will continue to increase as the leak gets worse. Whether you want to try to handle the repair yourself or contact us at Dyer’s to have a professional take care of you, the sooner it is repaired the better it is for your home.

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